Teen Improv Workshop Week

Ages 13-17

(M-F 9am - 1pm, Saturday 2pm show)

This workshop is designed for young people ages 13-17. Theater games and improv exercises are designed to not only teach inventiveness and group problem solving, but also to examine social roles, expectations, and dramatic dynamics through comedy. Story building, acting out characters and inventing comedy is the name of the game. Inclusivity is the cornerstones of all excellent improv training and is the perfect antidote to video games.

The games and exercises in the curriculum are built to get kids off of their devices and interacting with each other in a fun, supportive, inventive and creative way. They’ll be able to invent and work on comic characters and create original scripts. Goofiness is highly encouraged.

Performance Day

After a week of learning to do improvyou’ll get to watch the students perform in a live original improv show at 2pm on the Saturday following the workshop. (2 tickets per student, more tickets are $10 each.) Students should arrive at 1pm on the day of performance to warm up. Families can enjoy a snack at the Hardware Bar in the Gallery Room.


Our teachers Ruthie Trovato, Brendan O’Brien and Harry Fahrer are experienced educators and professional improv performers. You can read about them here.


The cost of the Workshop Week is $395. It includes M-F 9am-1pm instruction and Saturday 2pm show. Also included are two tickets for family and friends (each subsequent ticket is $10.) Tee shirt and stickers of course.

To reserve your student’s spot click the image below.